Social Bookmarking in Education

Ever been at home and wanted to use the bookmarks that you had at school.  Ever been at school and wished you could use the bookmarks you had at home.  With social bookmarking tools like Diigo you can do just that.  Although there are many different kinds of bookmarking site (, and just to name a few) we will be looking at Diigo.

The Diigo bookmarking tool allow the users to not only bookmark the sites that they would use the most but they also allow the users to create groups, highlight important information, and leave messages for those that are part of their group.  Below is a video from youtube that explains Diigo.  In addition to the Bookmarking tool, I also suggest using the toolbar that is available.  It allows you to control Diigo from your browser instead of using the actual website.  So check it out, play around and discover the Internet in a whole new way.

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In using this application in the classroom I have found it to be useful in many ways.  It can show a group of students resources for a project.  It allows them to share not only the resources, but also allows them to leave a note to one another about what they found helpful.  It can give the students direction when searching for information on a homework assignment.  It could also give teachers the ability to share sites that are not only age appropriate but are “pre-approved” for finding specific information on an assignment.  Give it a shot and please let me know your thoughts.

Lastly here is another video that explains social bookmarking extremely well and “in plain English”.  It use the social bookmarking site but it does a very good job explaining it in general.