Using Screencast in schools

In my school district we have started to use an online grading system to collect grades, attendance and other information about our students. This is a common practice with many schools in my area and with others around the country. One of the problems that can occur with a district wide initiative, like this, is some teachers only use the online grade book when it is time to upload the grades. The problem with this is  the “tech people” in the school get to re-educate all the forgetful teachers on how to upload the grades every term.

Well we have found a solution to this; it is called JING by TechSMITH. Jing is a simple download able program that allows the user to create screen-casts (short videos) to demonstrate different processes on the computer. For instance, you can create a screen-cast about Google searches so the students and teachers can quickly and effectively find pages they need for research. Once the screen cast is completed the user can share it instantly, save it to the computer or upload it to a free server, like, to be saved for later use. Another use for JING is the screen capture tool. This allows you to quickly capture you screen as a PNG file (Portable Network Graphics) and add annotation to the picture to draw attention to a specific area or point of interest.

We have found this program to be extremely useful in our school and I would love to hear how you could use it in your classroom or in your school. As always, please drop a note and give your two cents. thanks